JAPANESE AIRBNB LAWS 2018, IN ENGLISH. The Private Lodging Business Act / New Housing Law

As of June 15th 2018 the New Housing Law / Private Lodging Business Act came into effect. This is the Japanese law for AirBnB and similar home sharing businesses. As a host it is vital that you understand the laws. If you do not adhere to them your property will be de-listed and you could face a fine of up to 1 million yen and a prison sentence. Please see this article for more details:




Here are the main points of the new law as they pertain to both current and prospective AirBnB hosts:

Below you will find an English translation of the Private Lodging Business Act's Main Points for the Prevention of Illegal Properties. At My Tokyo Home we have a comprehensive grasp of the laws. We can register your property, acquire the necessary permits and manage your home in a completely legal trouble free way.


Since it is only now possible to rent it through AirBnB for 180 days a year we will work with you to lease your property as a MFA (Monthly Furnished Apartment) for the remainder of the year. Along with some of the best estate agents and short term property managers in Tokyo we can achieve income that while not comparable to AirBnB is significantly more than long term rental.