What about insurance, is this covered by Airbnb?

Yes depending on the site you advertise on, some of the major ones offer insurance cover in the case of damage (eg Airbnb host guarantee:, its advisable you read the terms to understand what is and is not covered. We also advise you take out home protection insurance and inform them that you are renting out the space.


What happens if the guests damage something?

As we take an inventory after each guest visit we will notify you if there was any damage, in general we would advise taking a deposit to help with compensation, additionally depending on the site you received the booking and if you have home insurance this will provide an additional level of cover. We provide 24/7 handyman service to fix and maintain your property.


How do you screen potential guests?

Most importantly we check previous host reviews about the guests and that they are verified guests, in some circumstances if there are doubts we may contact the guests directly to gather further validation.


Where do you operate?

We operate within Tokyo, please contact us to find out if we can cover your property.


Can I block days out in my calendar?

Yes, you can block out any periods you want or when the property is not available for rent, just contact us and we can block it out for you.